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Our History

California Agriculture is deeply rooted in our family. In 1936 our farming family moved to California to escape The Dust Bowl and relied on agricultural knowledge to survive. In 1943 our family farm and orchards were established near Chico, CA. In 1955 our great great parents relocated to Redbluff, CA and expanded to many other fruits and nuts. Our grandparents and parents continue the agricultural tradition today in Loomis, CA. We have also decided to continue in family tradition by providing high quality California freeze dried fruits, nuts, and honey. We feel honored to have such a rich heritage of Californian agriculture in our family.

Where Are Our Products?

You can find California Agricultural products on every shelf in the USA and internationally. Our products come in the form of ingredients in many products your know, store branded products, and our signature brand Nature-Expo. Delivering premium products from California's Agriculture is our #1 goal. We are happy to supply our customers with unique packaging and brand designs that fill stores with quality healthy alternatives. Premium California nuts, freeze dried Californian fruits, and raw unpasteurized California wild flower honey are just a few of our exceptional values that are available to you. For more information about California Agriculture and Foodstuff products please visit our products page by clicking the button bellow.


What We Don't Produce/Sell And Why

We have had many experiences where our customers are so satisfied with the quality of our products that we get asked if we can provide products that are not sourced in California such as brazil nuts or cashews. We are pleased to answer this question by informing our clients that what makes California Agriculture and Foodstuff Company products different in the market is our close relationship with the growers. This relationship allows us to carefully select the highest quality products and insure that your products are delivered in a manner that meet all quality control standards. 

Additionally, we don't sell fruits that are heat dehydrated because providing all the nutrients and health benefits is paramount. When fruits are heated in the dehydration process many vital nutrients and vitamins are lost. Contrast that with freeze drying which results in a little to no nutrionlal value loss, a retention of vitamins, and a product that can be more successfully rehydrated in the future.

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